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BRITTANY PUBLICATIONS, Ltd. is a Chicago corporation founded in 1981 as a traditional and independent publishing company
that specializes in literary fiction, nonfiction related to women's advocacy,
and marketing communications.



literary fiction

Daring and creative novels by acclaimed author Jerry Marcus


Daughters of God DAUGHTERS OF GODThe winner of the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards in the Philosophy Category.
A disgraced New York State Governor still has his eye on the White House. Young women from a high-class escort service are murdered. Will a popular crime reporter, and a retired detective, find the killers before it's too late? An explosive story about politics and murder. Daughters of God is a thrilling mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very last page ... Or is the end just the beginning?

Even more than a tantalizing mystery, political drama, and psychological thriller, in Daughters of God, Marcus challenges us to think about important philosophical questions, the choices we face every day, and the implications of our actions.

Order Daughters of God from Brittany Publications, Ltd.


Daughters of God - $19


Shoshana's Song SHOSHANA'S SONG - A finalist in the 2013 Arizona-New Mexico Books Awards.  Shoshana's Song is a captivating, sensitive and meaningful coming of age story about feminist teenager Shoshana Rosen, raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish home, who is determined to observe all the sacred traditions of her faith - but who also wants the independence needed to have a career and choose her own husband. In Shoshana's Song, Marcus brings us a perceptive and unforgettable story of how a young woman faces the clashes between her faith, freedom of thought, and observing the traditions she loves. Marcus portrays Shoshana's difficult choices with charm, humor, understanding, and dignity - all contributing to her spiritual growth, and the power of the story.

Order Shoshana's Song from Brittany Publications, Ltd.

Shoshana's Song - $19


Broken Trust - The Murder of Basketball Star Jack Molinas BROKEN TRUST
The Murder of Basketball Star Jack Molinas

"Great book!"

Sam Amico, Editor & Senior Writer,

"Marcus delivers a high-impact, no holds barred picture of

modern social establishments - both religious and secular."

Rabbi Yaakov Fogelman, The Bulletin, Philadelphia's Family Newspaper

Broken Trust - $24

Broken Trust - The Murder of Basketball Star Jack MolinasTHE LAST POPE
"An intriguing story...An intellectual thriller..."
Marquee, San Diego


"A wonderful story...A great plot."
Naples Daily News, Florida

The Last Pope - $19.95

Broken Trust - The Murder of Basketball Star Jack MolinasTHE SALVATION PEDDLER
"I enjoyed the Salvation Peddler..."
[Governor] Bill Clinton


"A master of the suspense novel."
Abilene Reporter-News, Texas

The Salvation Peddler - $25.00

Broken Trust - The Murder of Basketball Star Jack MolinasABRAHAM, ISAAC, JACOB & ZEV
" A significant and moving novel...An important addition to books about the Holocaust and Jewish people."
The American Jewish Congress


" ...Original and compelling..."
The Chicago Tribune

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Zev - $25.00


literary nonfiction


Triumph of Spirit - "Beneficial ... for courses such as Women in the Criminal Justice System and Introduction to Women's Studies."TRIUMPH OF SPIRIT: An Autobiography by Chief Penny Harrington
Penny Harrington is the first woman in America to break through the bulletproof glass ceiling and achieve the rank of Chief of a major metropolitan police force. She is regarded by some as a maverick who challenged the system — and by others as a celebrity.

"Penny illustrates how one woman's spirit can triumph over the toughest of 'ole' boys clubs." Eleanor Smeal, President, Feminist Majority Foundation


Triumph of Spirit - $26.95

Top Cops: Profiles of Women in Command - "Excellent text for a course on women's history...Also would be beneficial to current female police officers as they try to define their roles as mentors." TOP COPS: Profiles of Women in Command
by Marion E. Gold
"Worth reading...These profiles should banish forever the Cagney & Lacey image...for women in the police force..." The Chicago Tribune

Top Cops - $21.95

Personal Publicity Planner: A Guide to Marketing You -  "...A fire-starter of your quest...creatively generating thoughts and...devising a marketing strategy that works."PERSONAL PUBLICITY PLANNER: A Guide to Marketing YOU
by Marion E. Gold
"...A fire-starter of your quest...creatively generating thoughts and...devising a marketing strategy that works." Succeed Magazine


Personal Publicity Planner - $15

Books take us to far off places. Books teach us about the wonders and peoples of the world. Books help us see into the minds and imaginations of thousand and thousands of authors.

Books teach us so much. Books record our history for generations - and perhaps

for worlds to come. Books comfort us in times of woe, times of delight.

Books awaken our memories of days gone by and prepare us for the future.

Books are love… Books explain who we were, who we are, who we hope to be…

Read to your children, read with your lovers, read by yourself…


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