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Daughters of God;

Daughters of God by Jack Molinas

Daughters of God - $19.00


By Jerry Marcus
Paperback 374pp  $19.00
ISBN 978-0941394-09-3

The winner of the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Books Awards

in the Philosophy Category

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A Disgraced New York State Governor still has his eye on the White House.

Young women working for a high-class escort service are murdered.

Will a popular journalist, and an aging detective, find the killers before it's too late?

This explosive story of politics and murder brings together retired Detective Tony Pinella, and Max Gold, a New York crime reporter and columnist.

Pinella and Gold embark in a dangerous and complex journey as they investigate the murders of three young women—

and their connection to a disgraced and ambitious New York State Governor—who still has his eye on a run for the White House.


What terrifying secrets lie behind Governor Morris Green's Political comeback?


What do Green's wife and eldest daughter really know?


What are their connections to murders in New York City, Chicago, and Paradise Valley, Arizona?


And why does Pinella seek answers from a murderess imprisoned in the psychiatric ward of a Michigan hospital—a conviction she blames on Pinella?


DAUGHTERS OF GOD is a thrilling story that will keep readers guessing until the very last page... Or is the end just the beginning?


More than a tantalizing mystery, political drama, and psychological thriller,

Marcus challenges us to think about important philosophical questions,

the choices we face each day, and the implications of our actions.


Words used by reviewers to describe novels by Jerry Marcus include...


Jerry Marcus is acclaimed for his ability to create compelling fiction about thought-provoking issues such as anti-Semitism, political corruption, and religious hypocrisy.

Whether he writes about religion, politics, murder or basketball—the overpowering underlying theme is the battle between good and evil.

In DAUGHTERS OF GOD, as in his other novels, Marcus portrays God as giving His world over to two forces:

The Laughing Angels, whose sole purpose is to torment and destroy all that is noble and righteous,

and The Righteous Ones, who plead for God to support and defend the good and most vulnerable amongst us.



Shoshana's Song
"Masterfully told coming-of-age story... Jerry Marcus interweaves discussions of faith,

marriage, intellectual freedom, and the roles of women throughout their lives.

It will help both young and mature readers explore how

women gain strength in their faith journey."
Mary Lou Henneman
Congregational Libraries Today,
Church and Synagogue Library Association

Broken Trust
The Murder of Basketball Star Jack Molinas

"Great book..."
Sam Amico
Editor and Senior Writer

"Besides writing a gripping tale of a powerful, rich, highly competitive industry,
Marcus delivers a high-impact, no holds barred, picture of modern social
establishments - both religious and secular..."
Rabbi Yaakov Fogelman
Torah Outreach Program
Jerusalem, Israel

"Jack would have loved how you portrayed him"
Bill Tosheff
1951-52 NBA Co-Rookie of the Year

The Last Pope
"A creative and provocative...suspense-filled novel."
The Chicago Tribune

"A wonderful premise...a great plot."
Naples Daily News, Florida

"Prophetic...Gripping...and Enlightening"
Rabbi Yaakov Fogelman
Torah Outreach Program
Jerusalem, Israel

"An intriguing story...An intellectual thriller."
Marquee, San Diego

"A provocative tale that kindled my imagination..."
Mary Harris, Minister, United Church of Christ
Boonville, Missouri

Chicago Columnist ANNE GERBER said Marcus' 1997 book has a "gripping premise"
and compared it to The DaVinci Code, which was published AFTER The Last Pope.

The Salvation Peddler
"A master of the suspense novel."
Abilene Reporter-News, Texas

"I enjoyed The Salvation Peddler."
President Bill Clinton

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Zev
"A significant and moving novel...An important addition
to books about the Holocaust and Jewish people."
American Jewish Congress

"Original and compelling."
The Chicago Tribune

"An extraordinary book...that deals with the agony of morals."
Dorothy Fuldheim, News Analyst
Scripps-Howard Broadcasting Company

Meet Jerry Marcus


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Daughters of God - $19.00

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