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Jerry Marcus

suspense novel and psychogical thriler authorControversial Author JERRY MARCUS is internationally acclaimed for his ability to create compelling fiction about thought-provoking issues such as anti-Semitism, political intrigue, and religious hypocrisy. Reviewers have called Marcus prophetic, provocative, masterful, compelling, original and creative - and even a heretic. Whether he writes about politics, religion, sports, or murder - the underlying powerful theme in all Marcus' novels is how his characters constantly struggle with good versus evil. Marcus portrays God as giving his world over to two forces: The Laughing Angels, whose sole purpose is to torment and destroy all that is noble and righteous - and The Righteous Ones, who plead for God to never forget the most vulnerable amongst us.

For several years, Marcus worked at a public relations firm in Washington, D.C., where he wrote press releases, position papers and speeches for political candidates. Writing about challenging issues became Marcus' passion. He left Washington and headed for Chicago, where he covered politics for a local independent newspaper, while working at a variety of jobs (sales, loading trucks, waiting tables, and behind the counter at the well-known Mort's Delicatessen). He also began writing his first novel.

Marcus' hard work was rewarded in 1982, when "Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Zev" was recommended by the American Jewish Congress, and later adopted as required reading for a humanities course at The State University System of Florida. Marcus' second novel, "The Salvation Peddler," earned him the title of Master of Suspense. The Last Pope continued Marcus' talent for turning out thrilling, religious-based fiction.

"Broken Trust-The Murder Of Basketball Star Jack Molinas" illustrated once again Marcus' gift for taking readers on a compelling and unforgettable journey. In Broken Trust, Marcus explored the killing of basketball great Jack Molinas, and created a murder mystery that combines religion, politics, sports and gambling.

"Shoshana's Song" was a Finalist in the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. The New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards is the largest non-profit cooperative organization featuring New Mexico and Arizona books, publishers, and authors. Daughters of God was a finalist in the 2017 New Mexico-Arizona Books Awards in FOUR categories: Two in Fiction - Mystery/Crime and Thriller/Suspense, Religious Book, and Best Cover Design (Fiction).

Born in Israel of American parents, Marcus was raised in New York. He currently lives in Arizona, where he has completed a collection of short stories and is working on his next novel.

Jerry Marcus' 2017 Novel "Daughters of God"

is the winner of the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Books Awards

in the Philosophy Category

DAUGHTERS OF GOD is more than a tantalizing mystery, political drama, and psychologlcal thriller.

Marcus challenges us to think about important philosophical questions, the choices we face each day, and the implications of our actions.

An explosive thriller about politics and murder. "Daughters of God" will keep readers guessing until the very last page... Or is the end just the beginning.


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