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The Last Pope - "...An intriguing intellectual thriller..."
The Last Pope - "...An intriguing intellectual thriller..."


The Last Pope



By Jerry Marcus
Hardcover . 241pp . $19.95
ISBN 0941394026

A compelling plot, filled with religious terrorism, scandalous revelations and political intrigue.

Set in the historic context of current scandals plaguing the Catholic Church, Pope Pius Innocent escapes the Vatican after discovering hidden documents that rock the foundations of Christianity and shatter his basic beliefs in Catholicism. German-born prelate Joseph Ratzinger knows Pius Innocent is the only living person who can bring the Vatican to its knees and destroy all his plans for world domination. Will Ratzinger find Pope Pius Innocent and the critical documents he possesses before the truth is revealed?<


Excerpt from THE LAST POPE

His selection from the House of Cardinals was revealed to the world by the billows of smoke coming from the chimney. The new pope never imagined that his election to the papacy would threaten his belief in the faith he was chosen to lead. He now saw clearly how the smoke from the ovens of the concentration camps had been directly caused by bishops, a pope, and, even more importantly, the teachings of his beloved church.

There was no one inside the Vatican he dared trust. They had already killed one of their own. The world was told to believe that John Paul I, in the papacy for only thirty-three days, had died of natural causes.

If they suspected his intentions, Pope Pius Innocent knew he would be terminated just as quickly. Church history taught him that evil committed in the name of perpetuating the church was deemed acceptable and even admirable. The church was absolved from all sins when its aim was considered a higher calling. This twisted concept, which was embedded in his mind since his earliest days at the seminary, now threatened his own life.

"...A wonderful premise...a great plot..." Ken Moore, Naples Daily News, Florida

"...An intriguing intellectual thriller..." Terry Blain, Marquee, San Diego

"...A provocative tale that kindled my imagination...As a Christian minister, I was left asking: does the institutionalized church need to die...?" Mary Harris, Minister, United Church of Christ, Boonville, Missouri

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The Last Pope - $19.95

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