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The Salvation Peddler - "...A master of the suspense novel..."
The Salvation Peddler - "...A master of the suspense novel..."


The Salvation Peddler


By Jerry Marcus
Hardcover . 235pp . $25.00
ISBN 0941394018

A haunting and compelling story of a world-renowned evangelist and his family, and a brutal murder that plays havoc with their lives. A psychiatric thriller that takes readers on an intense journey of deception, sexual tension and murder. Evangelist Jason Blake wants to be President of the United States. But is this man of the cloth hiding the bloody truth behind a veil of righteousness? Detective Tony Pinella thinks he is, but will he find the answers in time?



Wearing his custom made suit and a very complacent look on his face, Jason Blake felt a sense of fulfillment. If he ever had any doubts about God, they certainly vanished when the money began rolling in.

After all, God rewards the true Christian, Blake thought, and my good fortune is certainly proof that I'm a good Christian.

Jason's delivery was smooth and he understood his audience very well. He was out to prove to his former classmates, teachers at the seminary, and the general public that he was the best of all the evangelists. Although many of his fellow ministers looked down at his intellectual abilities, Blake knew he was able to convert more souls to Christ than a good majority of them...

Veronica hated being the wife of an evangelist but enjoyed the money and power that went with it. She could no longer stand Jason touching her and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to sleep with him. When they made love, he was not gentle and cared little about Veronica's enjoyment...Recently, Veronica recognized that Jason was stressing the virgin birth during all his sermons. He would raise his voice and his eyes would seek out one young maiden in the congregation....

"...A master of the suspense novel..." Larry Lawrence, Abilene Reporter-News, Texas

"...I enjoyed the Salvation Peddler..." [Governor] Bill Clinton

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The Salvation Peddler - $25.00

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