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The winner of the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Books Awards

in the Philosophy Category





Provocative, Masterful, Prophetic, Significant

Powerful and Gripping

Marcus is acclaimed for his ability to create compelling fiction about thought-provoking issues such as

anti-Semitism, political corruption, and religious hypocrisy. Whether he writes about religion, murder, politics, or basketball — the overpowering underlying theme is

the battle between good and evil.

In "DAUGHTERS OF GOD," as in his other novels,

Marcus portrays God as giving His world over to two forces:

The Laughing Angels, whose sole purpose is to

sustain the corrupt and  powerful, and

The Righteous Ones, who plead for God

to support and defend the good and

most vulnerable amongst us.

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A New York State Governor has his eye on the White House...

Young women from a high-class escort service are murdered...

Will a popular New York crime reporter, and a retired detective from Detroit,

find the killers before it's too late?

This explosive story of politics and murder brings together retired Detective Tony Pinella —

and Max Gold, a New York crime reporter and columnist. Pinella gained fame in Jerry Marcus' second novel, "The Salvation Peddler," as the Detroit cop who unlocked the truth about the murder of Veronica Blake, wife of Evangelist Jason Blake. Gold is best known for exposing political corruption.

Pinella and Gold embark on a dangerous and complex journey into the darker side of political life.

  • What terrifying secrets lie behind Governor Morris Green's Political comback?

  What do his wife and eldest daughter really know?

  What are their connections to murders in New York City, Chicago, and Paradise Valley, Arizona?   

  Why does Pinella seek answers from Stacey Johnson Blake, imprisoned in the psychiatric ward of a Michigan hospital — a conviction she blames on Pinella?

"DAUGHTERS OF GOD" is more than a tantalizing mystery, political drama, and psychological thriller.

Marcus challenges us to think about important philosophical questions,

the choices we face each day, and the implications of our actions.

The winner of the 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Books Awards

in the Philosophy Category

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Here’s what readers said about Daughters of God on

"I loved the suspense and the characters. The story line drew me in right away and held me.

I always love a book that takes me right into it and this was a great book to curl up and read and

get lost in for hours...I have read other books by this author and I have found each

and every one of them immensely enjoyable!"


So wonderful a read! So much happening! I didn't want it to end!


"The characters of the book are well defined to allow my imagination to see them.

Just when I thought I had the whole thing figured out, the twist sent me into another direction. A great who-done it."






















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